The missionaries who came to Ranchi started education apostolate first because that was the need of the hour. The very first convents were Ranchi, Khunti, Tongo, Rengarih and Noatoli. These places had school and needlework. Convents and schools were opened very rapidly even outside Jharkhnad. Ranchi was the very first School. Ranchi had primary Teachers' Training School and later shifted to Lohardaga.

Special emphasis on Girls' education:
With the slogan, "When the girls are educated, the family is also educated" the special emphasis on girls' education took root in Ranchi Province. Thus Schools for the girls spread out in far and wide in the most remote areas of the State Jharkhand. Also saw quite a few hostels for the girls from villages at Ranchi and other places in Jharkhnad like Tongo, Rengarih, Lohardaga, Khunti, Dumka and so on.

News & Events
  • Sr. Suchita Shalini Xalxo is elected the Provincial Superior
    Sr. Suchita Shalini Xalxo is elected the Provincial Superior of Ranchi Province.

  • 7th Provincial Chapter 2015 took place
    7th Provincial Chapter 2015 took place from 30th January to 4th February at...

  • Six Novices professed
    On 8th December 2014, our six Novices professed their temporary profession.

  • Sr. Jayanti Kerketta awarded by International Institute of Education and Management, Delhi
    Sr. Jayanti Kerketta, Principal of Ursuline English Medium School, Khalari...

  • Grand Annual Meeting
    Grand Annual Meeting was held on 14th November 2014 in Ursuline Intermediate...